Here Are 5 Creative Marketing Strategies For Startups

Marketing strategy is the most important step in running a business. The goal is to get as much profit as possible. Of course, the strategy must be right to attract consumers.

Well, the more time is developing, the strategy will also be increasingly developed. There are also more containers for marketing their products. If in the past, it was only possible through advertising through print media, television, and roadside pamphlets, now entrepreneurs can use social media and the internet as a marketing tool.

But keep in mind, marketing is not just thinking about the container, but also creativity to attract consumers. Here are some marketing strategies for startups that are creative and suitable for business.

1. Marketing strategy by creating a web that lists your products

Now many creative businesses have their web. The web usually contains a catalog of products being sold.

The goal is certainly to make it easier for customers who want to buy goods. In addition, usually on the web, there will also be payment procedures available so that it is easier and more practical just to click.

Make it more attractive, don’t forget to include information about interesting promos in it. One more, include positive testimonials of customers who have bought your product to make it look more convincing.

But remember, do not just make the web, you also have to complete it with an attractive design, simple, just easy to see.

2. Make your business place a hangout for friends and family

This marketing strategy is suitable for the type of culinary business. For example, you have a coffee shop or restaurant stalls, invite your friends or family to hang out at your place. For example, family gatherings every month, or hanging out funny with friends after hours of work home.

In this way, your business will look crowded and attract people’s attention because one indicator of a good place to eat or shop is crowded. So at least with this strategy, you can encourage people to come.

3. Hold an open house event

This marketing strategy is also suitable for culinary businesses, namely, by holding regular open houses. Maybe you don’t need it every week, but every month just so you don’t lose too much.

To be more interesting, invite famous figures and the media as a means of your promotion. Let them give an honest assessment of the dishes you offer.

Open houses can also be more interesting by inviting top band performances. If you run a coffee shop business, you can also invite an indie band to hold an acoustic in your place. That way, their fans will also flock to your place.

4. Join the exhibition or bazaar event

If you have a food or fashion business, one of the most effective marketing strategies is to take part in exhibitions or fairs. In this way, the possibility of your business is known by people will be even greater.

But, in the bazaar, it’s not just your business that appears, but there are others, even those that are similar to your business. Therefore, one of the strategies is to make the booth as attractive and striking as the others.

What you need to consider is also to adjust the theme of the bazaar with your product. For example, your business clothes worship, so do not be traded in the bazaar metal music festival events. It’s not forbidden, but it doesn’t connect!

5. Join or sponsor a charity event


This is suitable for all types of businesses, from food to fashion. Volunteer to participate in charity events. When there is a charity event to help with natural disasters, follow the initiative to plunge into it as a supporting sponsor. Give help in accordance with the business you live in.

For example, a business that is undertaken is engaged in fashion. You can donate your products to them. While for the culinary field, you can also help donate how many boxes of healthy food for the victims.

In this way, you also increase the branding of your business in the eyes of the public. Surely a positive image will be inherent in your business. But remember, the name of the charity must be done sincerely, not solely to increase popularity.

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