The Development of F&B Business Technology in the Industrial Age 4.0

Food and drink is one of the basic human needs in order to survive every day. For this reason, the food and beverage industry has become one of the sectors that has managed to record high revenue growth in recent years.

The growth of the F&B business is also supported by the enthusiasm of the community to start their own business and become entrepreneurs. Most novice businessmen make the F&B sector an option to start their online food business. Due to the ease in selecting raw materials, processing products, and marketing them, the F&B business is in great demand by the public today.

Today’s F&B Business Challenges

According to Fortune magazine, consumers will always demand a product that is varied and more transparent in the presentation of information, including food and beverage products.

With the transition to industry 4.0, it becomes a new challenge for domestic F&B business players. President Joko Widodo also established the food and beverage sector as one of the priority business sectors in the project entitled Making Indonesia 4.0.

To face these challenges, all food businesses must be able and willing to continue to adapt to trends and people’s needs for food and beverages. Business people can’t turn a blind eye to the various new technologies that make the entire F&B business process easier.

F&B Business Technology in Industry 4.0

E-Commerce & Marketplace

Along with the development of online transportation, the demand for orders from the online store (e-commerce) side is also increasing. The increasing number of technologies that integrate the food business with various marketplaces also creates new markets for business players in the F&B sector.


If in the past the food and beverage business was only limited to offline businesses, now business owners don’t have to have an offline place (outlet) to sell. This cultural shift also makes it easier for new entrepreneurs who want to start an F&B business with limited capital.

Cloud Based Cashier App

It seems that almost all places to eat or small cafes are currently using a cloud-based cashier application. With this technology, your place of business can look more professional, elegant, and modern.

The use of this cloud-based cashier application can make the cashier’s job easier and more effective. In addition, from the customer side, they will be more satisfied with the services provided.

Instagrammable Product Photos (Social Media Friendly)

For those of you who are millennials, you must be familiar with this one. Activities that are practically mandatory to do before starting to eat food or drink. Take photos or videos of the food or drink being served in front of you.

If in the past people would visit a place to eat because of the cool design of the place or the delicious taste of the food, now it seems that the appearance of the food is also one of the main factors that must be considered. The current trend has shifted, taste is no longer the main priority. The most important thing is that the appearance of the food or drink that you offer looks unique.

Cloud Kitchen

The technology that is being hotly discussed lately is the concept of Cloud Kitchen or Co-Kitchen. What exactly is a cloud kitchen? Cloud Kitchen is a restaurant or kitchen concept that only offers services for processing food and delivery, without providing facilities for eating on the spot.

The approach is almost similar to the Co-Working Space concept, where food businesses do not need to have their own kitchen to process their food or beverage products.

Along with the development and rapid growth of consumer demand and needs for food delivery services, the cloud kitchen concept is increasingly in demand by F&B business people.

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