Build Consumer Trust in Your Business with These 4 Easy Ways

Build consumer trust. These three words are vital things that need to be done for someone who wants to start a business. Pandemic has changed the way consumers or customers view shopping. If you used to prefer to go straight to your destination, now buying online is a more sensible option.

Indirectly, businesses during the pandemic are more likely to ‘side’ those who sell online. So, can people who are unfamiliar with technology believe it when they buy online? Certainly not! That’s why, business people need to build consumer confidence so that everything runs more smoothly.

Below, quoted from Brightpearl, there are several ways that businesses can do to build customer trust:

Personalized Online Experiences

Almost all retail companies have adapted since the pandemic. They are forced to sell their goods online, especially the first 3 months when Indonesia was in lockdown.

So, how do these companies survive and still get the trust of consumers?

The answer is, they take a personal approach to their potential customers.

The main factor that makes people reluctant to shop online is the fear of being cheated or lied to. Therefore, some major retailers such as Burberry and Gucci have attractive offers. They prepared a special employee who explained the details of the material, how to use it and other questions via video conference. That way, potential customers can immediately see and ask questions live.

That is what is meant by personalized online experiences.

Shipping Options

Convenience in shopping is one of the important keys to gain customer trust. Therefore, options in shopping online need to be done. In some retail businesses, the option to pay online has started to mushroom but pick up the goods on the spot.

For example, a customer pays for clothes using a credit card, and he can choose a pick-up schedule at the store closest to his home. This is done so that everyone can get what they want.

If the goods are not as expected, the option of returning or changing sizes is also usually possible. That’s why, this delivery option has become ‘primadon’ during the pandemic. In fact, this method increases sales by 300% digitally in several types of retail businesses, especially fashion.

Estimated Arrival, Not Time of Arrival

What does the title above mean? Many of the retail businesses assure the goods will arrive within a certain time. However, the act of being overconfident can backfire on themselves. Especially, when the delivery service is full or the goods are unable to arrive on time.

If a customer is upset about an incorrect arrival time, it could lead them to leave a bad review of your item. So, how to anticipate this? It should be, create a flow that can track the whereabouts of goods. This can make customers or consumers not have to worry about the arrival of their goods.

Because, they can see for themselves the existence of the goods in real time.

Request Customer Reviews

Written or video testimonials are the best way to get customers. Direct recommendation is what needs to be done to get a wider market share. That’s why, it’s better if the website or social media that is used as a ‘container’ for selling online can be given a review by those who have bought your goods.


For example, in the marketplace, they provide a rating feature that serves to provide a value for how good the goods have arrived at their hands. After all, the more good reviews that go into a product, the greater the tendency for other people to buy the product.

That’s what happens in the marketplace so they can get a lot of trust from customers.

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