6 Online Marketing Strategies for Product Promotion

The success of the products that you make must end up in the hands of consumers. But the product can successfully fall into the hands of consumers, marketing strategy will determine this final process.

Marketing is said to be successful if you are able to touch, the attention of consumers. Living in this era of abundant conveniences, of course, it is impossible for you to market your product, just displaying your product at a stand waiting for consumers sleep. It’s also impossible for you to bother distributing brochures that are a waste of energy.

Currently, for product promotions, you have many choices, especially online marketing strategies. No need to waste energy, time, and add to the accumulation of garbage. All you need is sufficient internet quota and a fast connection.

Create a Blog or Website for Products

Even though there are free website builder platforms like Blogspot and WordPress, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little money on promoting your products by creating a blog or website. And of course you need the services of a website builder to do that.

You can negotiate the fee for website creation services as long as you request it. It’s impossible for you to appreciate a complicated web design cheaply. For starters, it’s good if you make a simple website, but focus on the product.

In its development, you can upgrade the web to be even better. It’s different if you choose a free platform, of course, there are limited features that you can only find on paid websites.

Making Content As Interesting As Possible


When a blog or website is finished, you must fill it with content that really attracts readers or consumers. If possible, don’t just focus on the details and specifications of the product and the price.

You need to know, today’s consumers are hungry for information. What kind of information do consumers want to find? Fun information, but neatly packaged in warm, smart, and straightforward writing. Long-winded information is considered a waste of time and easily leaves your website.

When writing interesting content, also consider using search engine optimization. There is no need to mention keywords often, or your writing in an online marketing strategy is considered inauthentic by Google. Remember, your readers have the instinct to recognize originality. In writing content, don’t just talk about the products you offer. You can also write tips relevant to your product. For example, selling books, products, you can share author profile tips, or how to take care of books, or something else.

Finished with the written content, the online marketing strategy that drains consumers’ curiosity the most is photos. Imagine, don’t you get tired of imagining the products that you describe in long writing?

In uploading photos, you have to be selective. Try to make product photos as attractive as possible with sizes that are not too large. More importantly, you must use real product photos. That way, consumers do not need to complain because they feel cheated.

Creating an Account on Marketplace or E-commerce

The stretch of the virtual market is increasing, so you need to keep up with a variety of knowledge of the right online marketing strategy. Recently, there are more and more marketplace sites. Not every consumer who pass by and visit it every time, even if it’s just window shopping. This is a great chance for you to introduce products on marketplace sites, especially those that have a high rating.

Also, try to make the account that you create on the marketplace site with a credible status or a high rating. Of course, this is to prevent consumers from running away because they think your account is fake when you get low ratings and bad reviews from consumers.

Maximize the Benefits of Social Media

Of the various online media that are scattered in this internet era, social media is lined up to be the first to be accessed when you wake up, rest during office hours, come home from work, and lie down before bed.

Not infrequently you also open social media to kill time waiting for friends who don’t come even though it’s just an unclear scroll. Even when hanging out with friends at the cafe, you usually still open social media to update stories instead of chatting.

Seeing a habitual gap like this, you can include an online marketing strategy to promote your product. Of course, you also have to pay attention to the right timing so that your posts appear on the timeline and look like they’re sprinkling solutions before they get piled up by other similar posts.

Provide a prizes or giveaway

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Moreover, the gift of a dream product, from what was previously only on the wishlist, has actually arrived at hand. From several online marketing strategies, if you implement a giveaway, you will definitely get a warm welcome, especially free products.

To hold this giveaway, you have to consider several goals to increase the potential sales of your product. As with economic principles, your business should be able to maximize profits with the smallest sacrifices.

At the very least, when you create a giveaway, you can engage consumers in the market circle you created by establishing good relationships. In addition, increased traffic can increase your additional income, and gain consumer trust through the testimonials provided.

Like fishing, giveaways are like bait. A small worm to catch a big fish costs a lot. For good reactions from consumers, instead, you are obliged to reward the only puppet product that you promised either through a lucky draw or a certain contest. Also, we can take the example of online gambling, by providing many promotions and prizes it can easily attract the attention of visitors. As we know that online gambling provides many games that can be easily played to get prizes and benefits such as online slots, poker and many other interesting games. It’s no wonder that online gambling has become this lively.

Join the Advertising Network

Of the various online marketing strategies, joining an online advertising network is more effective than marketing random products. That is, you offer products to consumers who don’t want the product.

Like when you are lying at home, suddenly a salesperson comes offering you a beautiful glass. The chances of buying it are very small. It’s different if you join an advertising network such as Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, and others.

Product marketing on Google Adwords is more effective for attracting consumers, because as soon as you type in keywords, search results, recommendations will appear as well as ads related to those keywords.

 4 Digital Advertising Tips to Make Your Marketing Strategy More Effective

Digital advertising has grown to be a primary factor of current advertising strategies and if it is now no longer already a part of your commercial enterprise method, hurry as much as improve. Both B2B and B2C businesses, via way of means of making use of the proper virtual marketing and marketing, You may be capable of broadening an internet presence, and could in the end bring about extra conversions or sales.

However, in case your advert isn’t always nice concept out, it is very possibly which you might not get the outcomes you was hoping for. Every factor of the advert, be it the design, the channel used, or the message, should be cautiously taken into consideration so as for it to feature the manner you assume it to. The following are a few virtual marketing and marketing suggestions that you may integrate together along with your very own advertising method to assist your commercial enterprise get the outcomes you need.

  1. Creative Element When marketing and marketing on social media, it’s far very essential to usually be aware of the innovative detail as regularly as feasible to hold it applicable and in order that the target target market does now no longer see the identical submit extra than once. When attempting out a brand new advert campaign, search for pics which have a regular aesthetic and traits, in order that your target market will extra effortlessly apprehend your brand.
  2. Use Money Wisely Each marketing and marketing provider issuer platform gives you with exceptional values or offers. You want to discover or examine on which platform you ought to make investments your cash and time. It may be very essential to recognize the benefits and drawbacks of every platform.

Search engine marketing and marketing structures like Google Ads paintings higher whilst there may be a call for on your products or services, and while you need to goal individuals who are attempting to find your products or services online. Google Ads is much less powerful for startups which have created new, progressive merchandise which have in no way been visible withinside the market.

Meanwhile, for merchandise that may be effortlessly discovered in minimarkets or traditional stores, online searches are not often done, so structures like Google Ads are much less powerful. This is wherein social media structures come into play. Social media customers fill out their profiles with demographic info and different interests. This approach you may goal individuals who can be interested by your commercial enterprise, whether or not they’re seeking out your commercial enterprise or now no longer.

  1. Do Research By now you may sense, such as you recognize what your target market wishes primarily based totally on beyond revel in with the advertisements you’ve got run. However, it is essential to make an effort to do thorough studies and feature statistics to help your actions. With studies, you may expect whilst your clients showcase sure behaviors that can be unfavorable in your commercial enterprise withinside the future. It’s essential to expect all situations, and use the facts you acquire from studies to plot your subsequent advertising method.
  2. Know Your Target Audience In virtual marketing and marketing, it’s far very essential to recognize who your target market is, which social media are used the most, and additionally make certain they produce a few content materials.

When it involves virtual marketing and marketing, Facebook is genuinely withinside the lead as it has the nice alternatives to decide who you need to put it on the market to and you may set regardless of the finances is. Facebook additionally lets  you to goal audiences primarily based totally on interests, and you may input up to ten sorts of interests. This is why you want to recognize who your target market is, what they need, and what they need to do.

Thus, the content material which you create later should adapt to the traits of the target target market, and this may appeal to their interest later. Thus the dialogue of four virtual marketing and marketing suggestions in order that your advertising method is extra powerful. In order for your commercial enterprise to grow, combine your online shop internet site with a price gateway so you can get hold of bills without delay for your internet site.

Prediction of Digital Marketing, Life and Business in the Next 10 Years

There are many phenomena of life and business that we have lived up to now, but sometimes we cannot explain or understand. That is also what has been experienced by established business actors, which are finally eroded by the phenomenon of disruption.

One of the academics and management teachers in the country who is able to explain in agile language about the changes is Rhenald Kasali. This Professor of Economics and Business at the University of Indonesia is widely known for his insightful comments on disruption, a phenomenon that changes the landscape of people`s daily lives.

Rhenald recently launched the book The Great Shifting, which is part of the ‘Disruption’ series. This book explains various phenomena of recent changes driven by technology and are changing various aspects of life.

The book, which is more than 500 pages thick, is written in language that is easy for laymen to understand, in the style of speaking by Rhenald who is a lecturer, and lulls him through the insertions of unique stories from various parts of the world, of course related to the topics discussed right now.
One of the interesting things is about 10 predictions of life and business in the next 10 years which is a kind of important conclusion from the book. Here are 10 Rhenald predictions:

  • Life and business will move massively into the platform. Platforms are an important point for understanding disruption and adapting to change. “Through this book, we hope for new ideas to build a nation based on a platform,” Rhenald wrote in the prologue, which Bisnis quoted on Monday (30/7/2018).
  • According to Rhenald, the impact of moving life from the old world to the platform is not only limited to the aspects that are often discussed, but also the ways and methods of doing business (from owning economy to sharing, from product-based to platform, from single approach to ambidextrous), and extends to to be multi-industry. This change will force nations to be more active in rejuvenating old regulations, making new regulations, as well as changing the perspective on industrial clustering and creating new jobs.
  • Various jobs that we know in the 20th century will slowly be replaced by new jobs that are more technology-based. Old jobs will still be needed as long as the perpetrators can enrich themselves with the application of technology.
  • Whoever the leader is, the state will continue to face pressure, both from old economic ideas (inkamben) and newcomers, until the emergence of new actors who manage to emerge as the main players.
  • There will no longer be a place (in the world of work) for the mediocre group who are less demanding of themselves to re-learn or have a passenger mentality. In fact, a diploma from the best university is not enough to take oneself to a higher level if mental self-training is not carried out.
  • Education will experience great pressure from changes in the way of teaching, technology, and quality standards. Algorithms and artificial intelligence will have a significant effect on the learning process.
  • The “what to learn” approach will become obsolete and be replaced by “how to learn.”
  • One of the technologies that will greatly influence economic activities is 3D printing, which will enter all areas of life.
  • Data and information have become an important base in the economy and become a strategic weapon in competition when the world’s population is increasingly shifting to cities and forming megacities, Indonesia will turn to villages. Villages will become the main pillar of life with a different economic and technological face from what we see today.

The platform era has hit the world, but in Indonesia it has not been well anticipated. Not many large national companies, writes Rhenald, are called upon to develop platform-capable software. One of the reasons is that the idea of ​​the platform itself is not really understood and acted upon.

Tips for Starting a Profitable Online Gaming Business

Tips for starting a profitable online gaming business – Apparently, playing online games can not only be used for satisfying needs or just for entertainment. However, playing online games such as online casino can also make money by participating in tournaments or it can also be by winning some mega jackpot and even trip to around the world. Get more complete information about the best online games that can be entertaining and can even make real money in games such as judi online resmi in Asia.

In addition, this online game can also be used as a money-making machine by turning it into a business. Where this online game business is very promising for the results obtained.

There are so many young entrepreneurs who start their business in the field of online games. And this has been proven by the many young online game entrepreneurs who achieve success just by playing online games.

With so many enthusiasts playing online games, this is what ultimately makes online games one of the online game business arenas that can be tried with not too large a capital.


Well, before starting to do business with this online game, of course there are some things that you must pay attention to and do so that this online game business is able to give you many advantages. In addition, this will also make your business able to compete in other online gaming business markets.

As we all know, there are so many people who like this online game. In fact, this online game can also be played by all circles which makes it an added value for the development of existing online games.

Not only that, online games can also be played with a wider range than offline games that can only be played individually. Not only that, this online game game itself has many types, in contrast to offline games which are just the same or monotonous.

Updates are also routinely carried out by the developers of this online game business in order to develop the quality of the game. To run a business in the field of online gaming, you can open online games with 24-hour non-stop service which can bring a lot of benefits.

Adequate Device

The first factor that must be provided before starting this online gaming business is a capable computer set. Where sophisticated specifications of a computer are needed to support the quality and smoothness of this business.

This is because online games clearly require high specifications considering the game is a heavy type of game. With sophisticated computer equipment, it is hoped that business people can carry out their business smoothly and can bring in abundant profits.

Where the specifications needed are the latest processors with high-capacity RAM. Not only that, this online game business can also run smoothly with the help of other complete supporting tools. This device will be used by gamers in working to earn money.

Stable Internet Access

With the rapid development of science and technology, internet access has become easier. Where the reach is very wide with easy access. Of course, it’s not just online games that require stable and fast internet.

But also for business and other purposes that also require stable and fast internet connectivity. The second factor in launching this online game business is a stable internet network. Where the internet access used must be stable and fast to support the smooth running of the business.

With a stable internet, of course, it will make the work faster and smoother without any disturbances in the form of lag or any obstacles.

Internet access is what will make the online game business become bigger and known by the wider community. This is also a separate point in the marketing efforts carried out for remote or hard-to-reach areas to participate in playing online games.

The Development of F&B Business Technology in the Industrial Age 4.0

Food and drink is one of the basic human needs in order to survive every day. For this reason, the food and beverage industry has become one of the sectors that has managed to record high revenue growth in recent years.

The growth of the F&B business is also supported by the enthusiasm of the community to start their own business and become entrepreneurs. Most novice businessmen make the F&B sector an option to start their online food business. Due to the ease in selecting raw materials, processing products, and marketing them, the F&B business is in great demand by the public today.

Today’s F&B Business Challenges

According to Fortune magazine, consumers will always demand a product that is varied and more transparent in the presentation of information, including food and beverage products.

With the transition to industry 4.0, it becomes a new challenge for domestic F&B business players. President Joko Widodo also established the food and beverage sector as one of the priority business sectors in the project entitled Making Indonesia 4.0.

To face these challenges, all food businesses must be able and willing to continue to adapt to trends and people’s needs for food and beverages. Business people can’t turn a blind eye to the various new technologies that make the entire F&B business process easier.

F&B Business Technology in Industry 4.0

E-Commerce & Marketplace

Along with the development of online transportation, the demand for orders from the online store (e-commerce) side is also increasing. The increasing number of technologies that integrate the food business with various marketplaces also creates new markets for business players in the F&B sector.


If in the past the food and beverage business was only limited to offline businesses, now business owners don’t have to have an offline place (outlet) to sell. This cultural shift also makes it easier for new entrepreneurs who want to start an F&B business with limited capital.

Cloud Based Cashier App

It seems that almost all places to eat or small cafes are currently using a cloud-based cashier application. With this technology, your place of business can look more professional, elegant, and modern.

The use of this cloud-based cashier application can make the cashier’s job easier and more effective. In addition, from the customer side, they will be more satisfied with the services provided.

Instagrammable Product Photos (Social Media Friendly)

For those of you who are millennials, you must be familiar with this one. Activities that are practically mandatory to do before starting to eat food or drink. Take photos or videos of the food or drink being served in front of you.

If in the past people would visit a place to eat because of the cool design of the place or the delicious taste of the food, now it seems that the appearance of the food is also one of the main factors that must be considered. The current trend has shifted, taste is no longer the main priority. The most important thing is that the appearance of the food or drink that you offer looks unique.

Cloud Kitchen

The technology that is being hotly discussed lately is the concept of Cloud Kitchen or Co-Kitchen. What exactly is a cloud kitchen? Cloud Kitchen is a restaurant or kitchen concept that only offers services for processing food and delivery, without providing facilities for eating on the spot.

The approach is almost similar to the Co-Working Space concept, where food businesses do not need to have their own kitchen to process their food or beverage products.

Along with the development and rapid growth of consumer demand and needs for food delivery services, the cloud kitchen concept is increasingly in demand by F&B business people.

Build Consumer Trust in Your Business with These 4 Easy Ways

Build consumer trust. These three words are vital things that need to be done for someone who wants to start a business. Pandemic has changed the way consumers or customers view shopping. If you used to prefer to go straight to your destination, now buying online is a more sensible option.

Indirectly, businesses during the pandemic are more likely to ‘side’ those who sell online. So, can people who are unfamiliar with technology believe it when they buy online? Certainly not! That’s why, business people need to build consumer confidence so that everything runs more smoothly.

Below, quoted from Brightpearl, there are several ways that businesses can do to build customer trust:

Personalized Online Experiences

Almost all retail companies have adapted since the pandemic. They are forced to sell their goods online, especially the first 3 months when Indonesia was in lockdown.

So, how do these companies survive and still get the trust of consumers?

The answer is, they take a personal approach to their potential customers.

The main factor that makes people reluctant to shop online is the fear of being cheated or lied to. Therefore, some major retailers such as Burberry and Gucci have attractive offers. They prepared a special employee who explained the details of the material, how to use it and other questions via video conference. That way, potential customers can immediately see and ask questions live.

That is what is meant by personalized online experiences.

Shipping Options

Convenience in shopping is one of the important keys to gain customer trust. Therefore, options in shopping online need to be done. In some retail businesses, the option to pay online has started to mushroom but pick up the goods on the spot.

For example, a customer pays for clothes using a credit card, and he can choose a pick-up schedule at the store closest to his home. This is done so that everyone can get what they want.

If the goods are not as expected, the option of returning or changing sizes is also usually possible. That’s why, this delivery option has become ‘primadon’ during the pandemic. In fact, this method increases sales by 300% digitally in several types of retail businesses, especially fashion.

Estimated Arrival, Not Time of Arrival

What does the title above mean? Many of the retail businesses assure the goods will arrive within a certain time. However, the act of being overconfident can backfire on themselves. Especially, when the delivery service is full or the goods are unable to arrive on time.

If a customer is upset about an incorrect arrival time, it could lead them to leave a bad review of your item. So, how to anticipate this? It should be, create a flow that can track the whereabouts of goods. This can make customers or consumers not have to worry about the arrival of their goods.

Because, they can see for themselves the existence of the goods in real time.

Request Customer Reviews

Written or video testimonials are the best way to get customers. Direct recommendation is what needs to be done to get a wider market share. That’s why, it’s better if the website or social media that is used as a ‘container’ for selling online can be given a review by those who have bought your goods.


For example, in the marketplace, they provide a rating feature that serves to provide a value for how good the goods have arrived at their hands. After all, the more good reviews that go into a product, the greater the tendency for other people to buy the product.

That’s what happens in the marketplace so they can get a lot of trust from customers.

Reasons Why Customer Service Strategies Are Important in Correcting Errors

No matter how determined a retail store owner is in serving customers, there are times when customer service goes wrong. Expectations are not met, and disappointment arises.

In moments like this, customers don’t care about the failures that occur. It depends on how you and your employees handle the situation, or what is commonly referred to as a response to customer service failures: a strategy to rise from that failure.

Error Response to Customer Service

How do you fix the mistakes you have made so that you can cut ties with customers? It’s not just fixing the problem. And it’s how you reconnect the relationship. Customer service failure response is the best customer loyalty program a retail store can have.

Retail stores that really prioritize customer satisfaction, of course, have prepared their employees with service improvement strategies that include appropriate and responsive service failure responses, like the procedure for dialogue with dissatisfied customers in this critical condition.

The right service repair strategy can fix mistakes, restore relationships and build customer trust. Conversely, a bad response will result in the loss of customers and a product’s reputation.

By listing “Best Customers,” “Most Respected,” and “Most Valuable,” our retail and restaurant branches can convince customers to trust them when things go wrong.

Customer Service Improvements and Benefits

No matter how the company has tried to organize every system and operation, it is normal to have occasional mistakes in serving customers. These failures, whether big or small, can decide how the next relationship with the customer is. Having a 24 hours customer service would help you to maintain the quality of your services. Many online gambling sites already implemented this method in order to improve communication with their users. One of the sites that actually have the best customer service is, YukBola. This site operating in Asia and have a lot of products, like Sbobet, Maxbet, Ibcbet, Joker123, and many more. Click here if you are interested.

However, if customer service failures can be properly remedied, this can help to restore trust and increasing customer loyalty.

What is the right customer service error repair strategy?

A good customer support team or customer service care will make sure customers feel that their problem is cared for and helped. In today’s modern world, customers who deal with the customer care team in real or in person and want to hear customer complaints feel greatly helped by their problems. In fact, they began to feel more able to “forgive” mistakes in customer service if customer support could respond to core issues quickly.

Most importantly, the customer only wants this matter to be addressed and apologized, rather than being rejected or circumlocating it.

Don’t make your customers feel like they are part of the problem. Instead, acknowledge them as part of the solution. And what they report is valuable feedback for your business.

If your company can provide great customer service and is able to restore service after something goes wrong, your customers will feel more valued.

Not a few customers feel they have a greater emotional connection with your company.

Keep in mind, and loyal customers mean greater sales and greater customer retention. Both of these will provide benefits and positive impacts in the form of a good reputation after corrections in customer service errors. It could be, they will even proudly spread how great you are at handling a crisis of a problem to the circle of friends.

Why an Effective Customer Service Improvement Strategy for Crisis Management?

The experience that happened to Andy at Corner Bakery was a service improvement of a very high level. Both the Corner Bakery cashier and the manager did extraordinary things.

They are truly committed to prioritizing customer and service improvement plans, and they succeeded in minimizing the possibility of errors that could lead to disaster.

It may seem normal, but in most cases, in the business world, just because it looks ordinary doesn’t mean it can be easily understood and applied.

Many similar experiences can be experienced by customers at other retail stores where the handling of customer service errors is not good enough.

If employees are trained and motivated to respond to errors in service in a way that reduces customer rift, small mistakes will not turn into bigger disasters.

In the case of ordering errors and handling them properly, Corner Bakery provides consistent and solid service improvements.

When the employees do this, they indirectly keep the Corner Bakery products promising.
Whether on purpose or not, they have made a good impression and reputation from a customer service standpoint. This is the reason for customers to keep coming back and buying the product.

5 Most Effective Business Strategies in 2020 for Online Gambling Industry

In running a business, especially online gambling, you have to prepare various things, from the capital, profits, losses, to the sales market. However, the most important thing to achieve business goals is a good business strategy that you can do.

What is Business Strategy on Online Gambling?

A business strategy is a variety of ways that a company can do to run a business in order to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. The goal here is to get maximum income and success in the long run.

Business strategy can also be interpreted as the company’s efforts to adopt policies and guidelines that are committed to integrated commitments and actions designed to build excellence in business competition to meet and achieve business goals.

5 Most Effective Business Strategies

With this business strategy, the company is able to determine the direction of the company by identifying it in terms of the market, competitors, customers, and so on. We, the editor of Ajaib, will provide five strategies to start a business that works best for you. Check out the reviews until they run out.

  1. Pay attention to quality

quality content

In modern times like this, more and more new businesses continue to emerge, of course, with a variety of products. However, businesses that really pay attention to quality can be said to be few.

Quality in business is the most important thing that you need to improve to attract many consumers. Pay attention to the quality of some of the elements you sell in the business, from packaging, taste (if in the form of food), product content, raw materials, to provide the best service. While online gambling only provides digital products, one thing you can manage is the quality of the games themselves.

  1. Understand the Target Market

Before doing business professionally, you must be the consumer first. By becoming a user of a product, you can find out what items to sell. In addition, you will also know your target market, what they want from the products you sell. This also helps you better understand market needs and what buyers want from your business. So, before running a business, it is necessary to do a little research that makes it easier for you to find out who the target company you are looking for is. By using this strategy, you can run a business more easily.

  1. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the most important assets in running a business. That is why every entrepreneur or businessman must equip himself with various knowledge and other discourses to be a source of inspiration.

Creative ideas can be a source of inspiration in creating a particular product innovation so that it will provide a greater chance of success for your business. In addition, the creativity and innovation that you offer will increase consumer confidence and they don’t feel bored.

  1. Effective Promotion

effective promotion

Promotion is done to differentiate your business from competitors’ businesses. Conducting effective promotions to potential customers is a strategy that must be carried out by business people. Currently, doing promotions is very easy, it can even be done for free. You can use social media or other online media to introduce products and promote to many people who are more specific and like your product.

When doing promotions, you should use quality visuals, as well as detailed information to explain the products you sell. Do promotions regularly, so that potential customers will be more easily caught. For example, in the online gambling industry, game like slot online that receive promotion regularly will most likely be gaining a number in the audience. City Club Casino using this method to increasing its popularity on a specific game, like slot online. While the promotion is cheap, the gain is pretty massive.

  1. Business Management

Management is no less important in running a business. One of the important things related to this management is financial management. Remember, finance is the life of every business you run.

One of the important financial management to do is carry out the accounting process appropriately and accurately.

Those are some business strategies that can help you easily manage your business to achieve long-term goals. Because a business is not only starting but also maintaining the business until it grows rapidly.

5 Easy Ways to Increase User Engagement on Online Gambling Site

Building relationships and staying in touch with customers is very important, especially for those of us who are in the business world. This is part of user engagement, which means assessing individual responses to several types of offers, such as products, services, or websites.

Easy Ways for Website Engangement

In a web, user engagement is the main key and as important as visibility on search engines. Apart from increasing the value of your brand, it also helps to improve your SEO ranking. Indirectly, user engagement affects the number of visitors on the web.

In increasing user engagement, maximize the first impression when a customer visits the website. You must be able to convince them that the website you have is useful for them. If customers start leaving your website for a short period of time, it will increase your bounce rate and decrease your position in the Google SERPs.

To increase user engagement, here are five steps:

1. Simple but attractive web design

When a web visitor visits your site, other than the content they pay attention to, one of them is web design. A simple web design will sharpen the focus of the important elements on your website. In addition, a minimalist design will shorten the load time of a web page. Consider this if you are going to create a web design.

2. Provide a comment column

Having a comment column will make you more subscribers. According to a Demand Metric report, 45% of customers have reported that this Interactive content is very effective in educating customers and thereby increasing customer engagement.

Invite your website visitors to participate by asking for their suggestions through the comments column about an idea or article that you publish.

3. Conduct online surveys to understand customer motives

Apart from the comments section, providing opinion polls and surveys is a great way to increase visitor engagement. To do this, you don’t need to send a personal email to each customer, as this will have a relatively lower response rate. Just include a generic poll/opinion poll in the middle of your web page or beside or wrap it as a pop-up. You can ask users to provide a description of their motives for visiting a web page, and if they respond, you can take this opportunity to analyze your traffic source’s efficiency.

4. Give rewards and incentives

Providing rewards to web users is not uncommon. Many web owners do this in order to increase traffic to their web visits. Giving rewards in the form of giving away is a good way to lure users into being active on your website. The usual methods for website owners are to ask web users to fill out surveys or personal data, and then visitors will get free e-books and so on. In some online gambling sites, they offer various rewards just for registration only. Big online gambling companies like YukBola often use the method to boost their products, such as Maxbet. In this way, visitors will be more active in interacting on your website.

5. Spread customer reviews on social media

In addition to promoting your product, social media can be a means to approach customers by spreading reviews from your customers. Positive reviews will build trust in potential customers to use your service or product.

Potential customers will certainly trust reviews from other customers more than advertisements because the review is more honest and actual than persuasive advertisements. Positive reviews from customers show a high level of satisfaction with your website, and that will be one of the positive values ​​that increase user engagement on your website. Increasing user engagement is something you continue to do.

Whatever strategy you use, always do it consistently. Give them a consistent experience and create a sense of trust in your brand from their first interaction to becoming a loyal customer of your product. This will make your brand appreciated. This is the reason why customer involvement is so important in a marketing strategy.

5 Skills A Digital Marketer Must Master

Digital marketer is a relatively young profession. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the term digital marketing appeared. Based on HubSpot’s definition, digital marketing is a form of marketing effort that is run online.

Thus, the scope of work of digital marketers is wider. He is a person who does not just work to promote a product or service. More than that, he also had to master several kinds of skills.

This article will discuss some of the skills a digital marketer must master in this more advanced marketing field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5 Skills Digital Marketer Should Have5 Skills Digital Marketer Should Have

A digital marketer must understand the keys and SEO tricks in order to boost online business (which is usually website-based) so that it appears on the first page of search sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO itself is determined by many factors contained in the content of your web page. For example, such as the use of keywords, inserting images, using meta titles and meta descriptions, the number of words, the presence of keywords in the header and title, and many more.

Content Writing and Creation

Content is information. Content on the internet comes in many forms, such as blog posts, social media posts, video, audio, and many more. Therefore, content writers specialize in text-form content fields.

Furthermore, a good content writer must have a strong grip on style and grammar, research skills, the ability to write quickly and adhere to deadlines, extensive knowledge of the subject of writing, and high creativity to produce fresh content.


One of the advantages of doing business in today’s digital era is the emergence of many analytical tools that help monitor and analyze marketing campaigns.

In addition, tools like that also help digital marketers monitor data related to visitors’ number to a site, buyer demographics, product performance, and others.

Why is such data important? Because the results can be used to make decisions regarding online business performance.

Social Media

Social media is now available through various platforms ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, to instant messenger applications such as Line.

Digital marketers actually work among the social media crowd. That’s why the marketing techniques used by digital marketers are different from traditional marketing techniques.

For example, a digital marketer can work with celebrities to promote a brand through the Instagram platform. Or in another case, a digital marketer can try video marketing techniques to promote a campaign that is run through social media platforms such as Instagram or Youtube.

Graphic design

Graphic design is important because not all marketing information can be conveyed effectively in words alone. After all, visuals can speak more and leave a deep impression than a string of words.

If you do not master graphic design skills, a digital marketer must understand what types of design are able to tempt consumers to buy products.

Those are the five skills a digital marketer should have. In an age when the internet is a space for making capital, it seems important for us to master the ways the internet works so that business can grow rapidly.

Are you a digital marketer? Have you mastered the above skills?