September 22, 2021

10 Effective Marketing Communication Strategies According to Experts

As mentioned, the marketing communication strategy is closely related to the product promotion strategy. This section becomes very important in encouraging the success of marketing activities undertaken. There are several types of marketing communication strategies revealed by different experts.

Each strategy is used in a different kind of situation, even though it works on all kinds of business. The one you use for agen judi online sbobet is different from the one you use for the food industry. Maybe it will work, but you will get less outcome that you supposed to get.

Here are some marketing communication strategies that are often used as references referred to by Kohler and Smith.

10 Effective Marketing Communication Strategies According to Experts

  • Advertising. Advertising or advertising is a business presentation of non-personal or promotional products that are paid for by the company. Advertising is a marketing communication strategy with tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, and others. (Also read: Gender Communication)
  • Sales Promotion. Sales promotion aims to increase the desire of target consumers to buy a product. This can be a short-term incentive that is attractive to consumers. The promotion also aims to persuade consumers to buy products.
  • Public Relations & Publicity. It aims to improve the relationship between products and consumers and the general public. This strategy can be done by running a number of interesting programs that can improve the image of the product. (Also read: Social Communication)
  • Personal Selling. Direct sales can be a marketing communication strategy where companies can interact directly with consumers. In this case, the company can explain the product in more detail and receive feedback from consumers. (Also read: Online Journalism)
  • Direct Marketing. Direct marketing here means to interact directly with consumers with non-personal media such as e-mail, telephone, letter, and others.
  • Sponsorship. Sponsoring an activity can be a good marketing communication strategy. This can increase brand awareness and reputation of the company itself.
  • Corporate Identity. The development of company image is also important for the company’s long-term plans.
  • Packaging Product packaging can be important in a product marketing communication strategy. Attractive packaging can affect consumer decisions in buying products. This communication can be in the form of design, color, and shape of the product packaging.
  • Points of Sale and Merchandising. This strategy is carried out by displaying products and making supporting materials such as posters, stickers, banners, and designs from the place of sale.
  • Word of Mouth. This strategy is a personal communication that is quite effective in increasing product sales. Word of mouth is very effective in influencing consumers to buy a product. Consumers will buy products recommended by acquaintances because they assume that the product information is trusted and personal. Word of mouth is considered more persuasive than marketing through advertising.